dimanche 24 février 2013


؟ Hola qué tal?
Better would English be.
No la hablo.
You don’t say, José!
Yo, la hablo, l’español.
Just a little.
Un pocito
La cultura, the culture,
Linguas, languages,
My thing.
Eyes, I got fascinated by,
Eyes, I praised Allah, the creator.
Knowledge mistrusted,
Colors misinterpreted, misunderstood,
Were you green, were you blue,
What were you?
Were you dark, were you light,
What were you?
Can’t thee talk colors?
I can, I do,
Yet, the Creator betrays mi pocito know-how
For those, as uncanny as they are,
As uncanny as they were,
As uncanny they will,
I trade life,
I trade knowledge,
I pray the Lord.
Praised be the Creator.
Si, yes.
Cultures differentiate.

jeudi 21 février 2013

The Silence Enjoyer

Enjoying the silence
The sound of death all around,
Of echoes behind the walls,
Faded in the dark distance,
In the empty ears
A child’s scream twilight-ed the silence, then eclipsed
 The still regained
The sound of the in and out
Veils the air
One lighted light all it takes
Darkness embracing the air
Your air is suffocating
The bittersweet of solitude
The reflected shadow of the vacuum
Full bodied, empty embodied
Said he fear of the dark
Say I fear of the bright
Said he out my life
Said I out of your life
Silence has ups and downs
Am better with a midplace
Silence in faith
Silence is a choice
Said M of solitude
Say I of multitude
I see you
I see me
I saw us
I saw the vain, you and the rain
Blue’s over the place
No only you, no down on my knees,
No Ps I love you
Say they A might help heal
Say I B shall
Say they T might help heal
I say, no T shall deal
But B would, can, might ease
More 5 L to go
Pretty strange, things work out
No promises no pledges
A bottom line to end the F up
A top line to free the F up
At last, lone
At last,

Silence remains
Ears hear no noise
Though inside a boom
Ears hear no noise
Just still
Heart feels no need
Though inside a desirous body
Eyes see blind,
Age and beauty, beauty aged
Dreams forgotten, feelings buried, and desires ashen
At last, lone
At last,

But, yet again people interfere
Demolish the tried-to-be built
Put the im to the possible
Hard to get out, hard to get through
Harder to start all over
Complaints, complaints, complaints
I’d rather shut the F and live the L
Patience armed and sadism
Say they, one chooses solitude
Say I, I was chosen
Having all, wanting none
Not out of gratitude, rather out of merit
Say they, I who, I who
Say I,
The silence enjoyer

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

mardi 19 février 2013

I Step Away

I step away,
From the friendship zone.
I throw the throne,
Since you couldn’t understand,
And I couldn’t stand.
I am no good, and you no bad.
Since I couldn’t stand,
And you couldn’t understand,
Friendship ain’t partnership.
Friendship ain’t apprenticeship
Friendship ain’t slave-mastership.
I am not yours, You not mine,
I am mine.
Since you couldn’t understand,
I have nothing left to offer.
I have my own world, sacred
To which nobody is allowed.
My uncanny rhythm ain’t for you,
My strong beats ain’t for you,
My boiling tempers might frighten you.
My darkened joy won’t please you.
My required shield won’t let you.
And I couldn’t stand,
The feeling of double shadowed in your eyes,
My telling is mine,
My truth is mine,
Whether believed or not.
No explanations are due.
I owe no one, no one owes me.
Life taught me so,
Nothings is permanent, neither love, nor parent
The near-by enslaving acts,
Out of the blue, strong bonds are asked,
 Am in the stage of collecting damage, still
Needn’t new wounds,
Needn’t new left-over’s.
From that and those I differ,
Might have played you fool.
Won’t let me, my stance.
Would have lied.
Won’t let me, my rational brains.
Could have faked smiles.
Won’t let me, my disobeying mouth.
May have honey-tasted, my words.
Won’t let me, my salty-tasted tongue.
Since you couldn’t understand,
Shall thee?
I, shall take the stand,
Stepping away from the friend zone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

dimanche 17 février 2013

Crying my things out

Crying my things out
Crying my tears out,
My agony out,
My woes out,
My wonders out,
My passions out,
My wanderlust out,
My joy out,
Till I run out of,
Till my eyes dried
Till my heart stopped
Till my dreams awoke
Till my!
Cry out mutual respect
Human rights
All bee and see
Crying out the repressed anger
The buried anger
The rage,
All gone, disguised, destroyed,
Crying out loud,
For God sake. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013