samedi 10 octobre 2015

dumdam dumdam dumdam

I loved it when life gives me opportunities to learn new things. Today my mom brought a stethoscope, the device of listening to heart beats. 
I’ve heard heart beats before like tens of times, but mine never. 
I heard it. I heard it. I am still listening to it. I will for the rest of this night.
It is the most amazing song I have ever heard, the most rhythmic song I have ever heard. That beat gave me chills. That beat is the song of life. That beat is life itself. If I could, I’d make everyone of y’all listen to it; to see your reactions, be it tears, smile or astonishment. How many of you have listened to his/her heartbeat.

mercredi 7 octobre 2015

Enough is enough

In my facebook news feeds, there is a circulating video I’ve tried my best not to watch. It is about a bunch of young people protesting, if we could say protesting, in from of the Parliament, Rabat, against the last incident in Mecca. During one of the rites the pilgrimage, it was said that “because of the crowding and the pushing, many persons have died”, amongst them tens of Moroccans whose destiny was for many days ago unknown, until some volunteers took the initiative and went to the hospitals were where the injured were driven, took their pictures and shared them on facebook. The families of the Moroccan victims stayed in the dark for a couple of days, hearing no words about their beloved ones, not even from the Ministry of Home Affairs or any competent authority.

Afterwards, pictures from the incident place were leaked. Tens of peoples dressed on what was white, pilled as if they were slaughtered sheep on a butcher house, picked up from the floors with trucks into trucks as if they were some kind of building materials or God knows.

After seeing those pictures, I started wondering if this was what Muslims means to Muslims? Do those Muslims, who paid millions to visit Mecca, who have been waiting God knows how many years to pray in that Holy place, Allah’s House on earth, who have been waiting God knows how many years to fulfill their 5th Pillar of Islam, deserve? Yes, if speaking of the Mektoub and Destiny, this is how their end was written, but how could a country, as rich as Saudi Arabia, a country that earns endless fortunes coming from the fees of the pilgrimage, permitted such a flaw in its administrative policies and its organization of the Pilgrimage? If it was the Mektoub, what did this country do to honor the dead? Will the Saudi Arabia take responsibility for the incidents or put the blame on the crowding? …etc.

When protesting about this incident, how and why it happened, those protestors were stopped from even enjoying one of their most fundamental rights, freedom of speech. Police guards and officers surrounded them, tore down their pamphlets and pushed them away to streets, away from the main avenue. A woman started screaming and saying that “Our brothers, the people who went to the pilgrimage, had perished in there; they were thrown ones on ones as if they were animals; that the Saudi Arabia should be held responsible for such incident”. The police in an attempt to shush her, kept pushing her, kicking her and the other protesters who showed no sign o violence, who let the police do the task they’ve been ordered to do.

So, this means that our people can perish wherever in the world, because of a security policy failure, and we can’t say a word about it? That their families were in the dark for days, living in constant fear, worry and expectations, without knowing the destiny of their grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, spouses, aunts, uncles, children, and still we can’t say a word about it? That our government’s silence which has no other explanation than that they do not care about the whole matter, and we still can’t say a word about it?  That the victims, the future hojaj, in their Ihram, on their way to “cast stones at the Chitan”, in the crowd, suffering, suffocating and dying, were pilled like animals and picked with trucks in an inhuman matter, and we can’t say a word about it? Then when can we say a word?

May their souls rest in peace, May their pilgrimage be accepted, May their sins be forgotten.

Before I forget, it is worth mentioned that in our passports, unlike other countries’ passports, the government ensures that any fraud or falsification of that piece of paper will be taken into court, and since none of those people have falsified their passport, no need that the government interferes.