jeudi 27 février 2014


"Error. The results of what you have done become in time to you utterly insupportable; you take measures to obtain relief: unusual measure, but neither unlawful nor culpable. Still, you are miserable; for the hope has quitted ou on the very confines of life: your sun at noon darkens in an eclipse, which you feel will not leave it till the time of setting."
----------------------------------------------Jane Eyre, Bronte.

samedi 15 février 2014

"Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts."
..............................................................Edgar Allan Poe

vendredi 14 février 2014


Cupid, I'd rather kill you with my bare hands


This morning I witnessed a performance,  a love manifestation. A mother singing with her little baby, so sweetly and so innocently that you think she's a baby herself. Aint that the best of  love that one can have on this day, St Valentine's Day.

I think we don't need a yearly day to love each other, cherish each other, help each other and please each other. No, we don't. We can love on a daily basis, we love ourselves, our parents, our sigblings our friends, our neighbors, our Meals :D, my Afro!! so Why wait for one day to show that love, cant we show it everyday?

I won't wish a Happy V D to anybody, but I will definitely wish my beloved mom a happy birthday, and may Allah be her companion throughout her whole life.

mercredi 12 février 2014

A Part-time Prostitute I

"Yesterday, I met with a guy at the bar. He is from Riff region, stinky rich, not married. Imagine!! Well, he hit on me. He invited me and my friend to his table. We drank together, and then we headed back to his place. On the way, he swore that he never slept with anyone, but with me, he will, he didn’t know why, he just liked me and wanted me badly”.

I just stood there, trying to fathom the words, linking each to each. I felt cooler than ice. My face, a resting bitch face by all definitions, must have encouraged her. She continued,

We drank again, and then went to do business. He had me twice in bed and once in the shower. I don’t know what happened to him, but after the first time, he started shaking violently, he said he’s so cold; I covered him with my body and added some blankets.”

Often life does her job: matches some and separates others. I  crossed path with this woman; whether I liked it or not. First time I ever met her at the kitchen, she blew that on my face. What do I do with such details I haven't even asked for?

I am not being prejudiced and all judgmental but am definitely living under the same roof with a "prostitute" in my definition not hers obviouslyShe is a prostitute. But, I've always thought that prostitutes have (must have) some shared universal/national/regional features and characteristics (whom am I to think such). That woman was no regular prostitute. Rather a part-time prostitute. Till now, I have never seen her in her work uniform. 

Why is that? What lead her to that? Pure choice? For mere fulfillment of carnal desires? Due to financial issues? Does she define herself as a prostitute?

.....To be continued.
No habra nadie en el mundo que cure 
la herida que dejo tu orgullo,
Yo no comprendo que tu me lastimes,
Con todo todo el amor que tu me diste.

mardi 11 février 2014


I hate my landlord. His wicked, twisted malicious look whenever he sees me, gives me chills.

dimanche 9 février 2014

"I was beginning to understand how much we do things for old people just to make things easier for ourselves. We don’t always listen to what they are trying to tell us. Every time Edith swatted my hands away as I tried to help her wipe her mouth or tie a shoelace, she would roar, ‘I can do it myself.’ Just as with a child, you try to convince them to let you help them, not for their sake but for your own, just to get through the day a little quicker."
------------Barry Martin